Italian Panini: the history of “tramezzino”

Torino, 1925. In the Mulassano Cafè, in Piazza Castello there are some tasty news.. It looks like the classical English sandwich to munch away with tea, it has become a whole new Italian-speaking sandwich: it’s “tramezzino”!

Its funny name has a unique origin: the word “tramezzino”, was coined by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio from the term “intramezzo” in order to emphasize its function of breaking hunger-attacks with appetizing snacks between one meal and the other.

It is in Veneto, however, that “tramezzino” became an institution, especially for the cocktail hour. In the historical cafés and typical Venetian local, Treviso, Padua & co., dozens of different types are proudly displayed, overflowing with a rich filling that two slices of soft white bread almost can not hold back.

Ham and mushrooms, tuna and eggs, pork and “radicchio”, tomato and mozzarella, crab meat and lettuce … the combinations of ingredients to stuff the “tramezzino” are countless!

Today, tramezzino has many forms: from the classic triangular shape to the more modern square one, more practical thanks to its softness, the bread can also be rolled up so as to create perfectly stuffed rolls. White “tramezzino” bread, then, can also be used as a simple base to prepare delicious sandwiches.

Scommettiamo che la tua creatività è già in fermento perché vuole preparare dei tramezzini tutti nuovi ☺


We bet that your creativity is already in bursting because of all the new combinations you want to try out. ☺


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